DIANA in English

Abstract:  Learning on the net is a demanding and complicated challenge in many ways. Many researches report that collaboration, conversation and problem solving don’t succeed as expected in netlearning environment. This paper presents the dialogic and authentic model for the learning and teaching on the net. The main idea of the research project was to find out some pedagogical cornerstones of learning and teaching on the net. The results of these studies lead to the model, where dialogue and authenticity are the crucial points. It was named DIANA (Dialogical Authentic Netlearning Activity). The model was developed in the contexts of teacher training and professional education in Finland. The DIANA model was also tested in practice in different contexts, and the results showed that it is difficult to manage dialogic and authentic learning on the net. This research was one part of the National Strategy’s goals in order to provide concepts for network-based education in Finland.

The essential elements of the model, the cornerstones A, B, C and D, are tightly connected with knowledge construction on the net and how dynamic and intensive it will be. Each of the cornerstones consists of certain activities and they are in dynamic and cyclic interaction with each other. These activities A1, A2 etc. form entities of the activities in knowledge construction.

The DIANA model for the learning on the net is as follows:

Cornerstone A:
Creating common ground for the learning on the net
Authenticity of the learning on the net
Dialogical learning activities on the net
A1.   The idea of authentic dialogical learning on the net
A2.   Coaching and training for the learning on the net
A3.   Structuring and the start of the working on the net

Cornerstone B:
B1.   Student-centered search and formulation of proper study problems out of real world and work situations
B2.   Utilizing sources of information and generating and building material or producing content about one’s own substance field

Cornerstone C:
C1.   Dialogical problem solving within a learning community
C2.   Dialogical helping and supporting in a learning community
C3.   Dialogical inquiring in problem solving

Cornerstone D:
Finding new direction for learning and developing competence
D1   Reformulating the study problems and focusing them further into real world and work situations
D2.  The idea of evaluation.

Renewed DIANA -model

Shortly about the DIANA model  (2015), the renewed version
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