Project expertise and professional publications:

- International DIAMEE -project (Dialogical Methodologies for Entrepreneurs) 2013 - 2015. Transfer of Innovation. Dialogical Methodologies for Entrepreneurs- is a project that aims to develop the dialogical competence of entrepreneurship trainers and coaches through concrete methods. The development work is based on extensive research and a web service that supports the training of dialogical competence. A concrete result will be the web service for further dissemination and exploitation, method descriptions of dialogue learning, training programme and other online material related to learning dialogue. DIAMEE Project has 5 work packages that they include dissemination and exploitation activities to be completed during and beyond the lifetime of the project. The project is carried out in collaboration with six institutions from different European countries who are: Spain (Coordinator), Finland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Ireland and Lithuania.

- International DIALE-project (Dialogical learning) 2010 -2012, (Transfer of Innovation), as an expert of the project content and development of Dialogical method cards and the Coaching program for the competence of dialogue. The DIALE project concentrated on the transfer of unique and active pedagogical innovation, independent of the field of education and focusing on vocational teachers, trainers, tutors and the improvement of teacher education. In addition, the target group includes in-company trainers and teachers working in further education services. Skills in dialogue can be used in teaching and guidance work in classroom and distance education, work mentoring and cooperation, independent of the field of the activities. The goal of the DIALE project was to develop the competence of trainers, teachers, teacher trainers and in-company trainers in dialogue through concrete methods. The partners of the project came from the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, and Cyprus.
- within the multi-professional development project of Deep learning through dialogue 2007 – 2008 in HAMK University of Applied Sciences
- within internationally financed projects:  As an evaluator in international RePro-project (Real-life Business Projects in Multicultural Student-centred Learning) 2004-2007 (Finland, Poland, Great Britain, Latvia, Germany and Italy)
- within national projects: As an developer in VETO-project ( Developing net pedagogy for vocational education and for on-the-job-learning) 2000 – 2002 (administrated by National Board of Education in Finland)
- DIANA-research project  2002-2004. DIANA –research project was a continuation of the VETO-project described above.

Professional publications

Various scientific and professional articles and conference papers
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In a dialogue-based culture, everyone is a winner , (Article published in Opettaja-lehti in Finnish 19/2011.)